I had the opportunity to be an intern for the Southern Texas Professional Golf Association for the fall of 2022 as a member of their communications team. I was responsible for covering a variety of their events throughout the southern regions of Texas. I shot pictures that I then edited to be used for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This content was posed later either as a hard post for our feed or quickly turned around to be posted on stories. I also spent a lot of time in Premiere Pro editing videos and producing content for them like their YouTube series "PT Pastimes". In addition to their junior golf content I worked on other projects for the section like their Sponsorship video and their social media headers for 2023.
Champion Graphics
I had the opportunity to create champion graphics for each Prestige Tour event that I covered. Each graphic included photos that I shot from earlier that day and featured their final round score as well as stats from the winners. These graphics were uploaded to the STPGA junior golf instagram as carousels. 
PT (Prestige Tour) Pastimes
PT Pastimes is an on going series created by the STPGA that highlights players on their Prestige Tour. Episodes can consist of trivia, challenges, or anything fun that we could showcase our juniors in.
Instagram Stories
Section Content

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