Sand Hollow Country Club
Sand Hollow Country Club is a golf course that I created using Houdini and Unity. 18 holes of pure desert golf located off of Sand Hollow Lake in Hurricane, Utah. I’ve played golf since I was the age of 2, and I’ve been drawing my own courses since the age of 9. So when we were instructed to create a landscape, I knew a golf course would be the perfect challenge. The terrain was sculpted in Houdini by combining several height fields and using a height field draw mask to map out each hole. The textures were applied and formatted in Unity, with Photoshop to create patterns like the fairway. I also used different objects from the Unity asset store to place trees, rocks, shrubs, and other desert plant life. Additional elements like the flag sticks were created in Maya and are affected by elements like wind and gravity. I also created the logo and scorecard using Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
Purgatory (VR Dream Simulation)
Purgatory is an immersive Virtual Reality experience that is a simulation designed to put the users in my shoes. I have a recurring dream where I’m floating and I can’t touch the ground despite my efforts. The ground is the place where I need to be, where I can create actual change but I float aimlessly the entire time. The simulation was created using the Unreal Engine and Adobe Dimension. Certain aspects like the door handles and posters were assembled in Dimension. Assets from Adobe stock were used as well. 

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